Nicholson Gin

My 'Height of Fashion' campaign for Nicholson Gin's 2017 brand re-launch. 

Working alongside an incredibly dedicated team of over 10 creatives, we conceptualised, produced and delivered a series of animated stills that illustrate the principles, ethos and backstory of the 280-year-old London gin brand, Nicholson Gin.

Initially inspired by my 2016 Erte-inspired fashion series done in collaboration with my digital-artist sister, Jocasta, Nicholson connected immediately with our vision to reignite the fire of something beautiful from history to the present day.

A brand already steeped in two centuries of history, Nicholson wanted to convey the very epitome of fashion-forward thinking and style by creating distinctive imagery that combine both photography and illustration with a 1920's twist. With a fierce lion logo and a proud heritage in cricket, my team and I bring all of Nicholson's iconic symbols to the forefront with this campaign.