Don’t show me my clothes, show me my dreams
— Yoji Yamomoto to nick knight

Where colour, texture, movement and shape are just some of what makes up a garment, I aim to push my fashion imagery into the heart and soul of its story and character.


Inspired by Icelandic folklore, and shot in the magical landscape of Krýsuvík, this editorial features stunning designs by Eva Poleschinski. Exclusively for HUF Magazine.


Shot in London and mentored by Nick Knight, TransFigure is inspired by the powerful females of the early 1900's. The series explores the stories of women who would cross the gender divide in order to work in exclusively male areas. 


Working closely with creative hairstylist Helen Anderson, my team and I implemented her otherworldy vision of strength and sexuality to produce a high-octane series of images that excite and entice.


Diving into Scotland's largest vintage clothing shop, Saratoga Trunk, stylist at large Ian Tod and I team up with some of the country's best creatives to bring to life 19th century ships. Published in Digital Camera World Magazine.

Photography: Mastered

In September 2015, talent-nurturing, career-accellerating giants MASTERED launched to help the new breed of fashion talent succeed in their industry. I was hand-picked to take their first course, Photography: Mastered; a 4-month intense online talent program led by some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, and headed by one of the world's most influential and visionary photographers; Nick Knight.