Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achived.
— Mattie Stepanek

Collaboration and teamwork is invaluable to the process of successful image-making. It is having the right people around you that can push you, and your vision, in the right direction.

Each year, I take the time to gather together incredible creative teams to go beyond the boundaires of commercial briefs and fulfill our own dreams and stories.

Cold Light

An early series that is particularly close to my heart and home; Cold Light explores Scotland in all its beauty, landscape, myths and legends. Hugely story-driven, this set defined my style today.

Surge & Dissolve

Portraying 5 prominent emotions, Surge & Dissolve looks at my personal experiences and struggles as an emerging artist through the natural elements.

Meraki - Artist Collaboration

My series Meraki is the true embodiment of collaboration! Using the styles of 4 different traditional artists as the basis for my team's inspiration, we styled it, shot it and handed it over to the artists to make it!


What are you scared of? INtrepidation explores two of our deepest fears within a detailed macro study of creatures and the human body. You may have to look twice, or you may not!