Gustav Klimt: 100 years, 100 Kisses.

A mosaic of colour, faces lost in a dream, this is the essence of Gustav Klimt. 100 years since his passing, we honour his iconic work with a personal touch.


Austrian painter Gustav Klimt was Vienna's most renowned artists of the 20th Century, and precisely 100 years since his death on the 6th February 1918, he is still remembered as one of the finest decorative painters of the era, with a body of work that was ahead of its time and continues to inspire us today.

Growing up, I have always been deeply inspired by the old masters (my mother's influence). I love to add subtle dabs of that soft, old painterly finish to my images where I can. It adds a certain emotive quality to my work that really brings out the story. 

There is something about Klimt's work though, that gives you that little something extra. He created stunning worlds of eroticism and opulence that one simply cannot resist. Producing one of the century's most remarkable bodies of erotic art, he managed to gain a sort of immortality. His work set new standards, created controversy and ultimately made him an iconic force in today's art community. 

That's why myself and hairstylist/creative director Emma Diamond came together earlier this year to pay tribute to the legend, and produce an 8-piece beauty editorial. We bring the essence of Klimt's work to the forefront, whilst feeding our own contemporary style into the final imagery. 



Emma and I work together a lot. We share a lot of the same values, ideas and goals, so when we combine heads to shoot, we come together very well.

The both of us are very fortunate, in that back in 2015, we became part of the enormous MASTERED family. (Find out more about my work with MASTERED here). The network includes hundreds and thousands of creatives like us working in every discipline across the globe. We took the opportunity to dive into this glorious pool of talent to source our team. 



The Editorial

Models: Katja Cemic, Roksana & Mia Iblis.




Click below to watch how the project came to fruition...



A huge a special thank you to the entire team and our wonderful models for working so hard on this project, and of course to MASTERED for accommodating us so kindly. 


Until next time...!