Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph
— Matt Hardy

This section really is all about the face, the eyes, the look.

Before I click the shutter, I first click with the subject. Each category bring elements of both precision and pure spontaneity.


A unique set of mesmerising hair collections by some of the best stylists in the country. Working closely with each stylist, I tell their story and capture their one-off creations in detail. Sharp, curly, straight, thick, silky, flowing, colourful; you'll find all that here.


Beautifully seductive imagery that harnesses the skills and vision of the incredible makeup artists I work with. Collaborating with makeup schools, salons and freelancers alike, I've put together a selection of my favourite briefs.


This is what it means to truly capture a moment. Here, I search for honesty and truth behind each character and bring who they are to life, in a way that they themselves have never seen.